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Liam Payne finally quits smoking

Liam Payne finally quits smoking for the sake of his son after employing services of hypnotist Max Kirsten who also helped Adele give up The new dad turned to expert Max Kirsten, who also has helped Ewan McGregor the habit From Simon Boyle’s Bizarre column 15th October 2018, 10:51 pm HE’s spent years trying to […]

If I can stop smoking – Anyone can stop smoking!

Stopping Smoking with Max Kirsten It was  a little over two years ago that I quit smoking.  I never thought  I would be able to quit! I smoked a pack a day! I never was one to smoke a whole cigarette, but I still went through a pack a day.     I was ready […]

Save your skin: stub out the cigarette!

It is barely over a month since new year resolutions were made and already they are being broken as fast as children’s Christmas toys. Seventy per cent of smokers say that they want to stop smoking and it is a safe bet that many resolved to do this, and equally certain that most will relapse. […]

He has stopped Adele and Ewan McGregor smoking but can he help me? ‘Social smoker’ visits hypnotherapist-to-the-stars Max Kirsten to see if he can FINALLY quit

Max Kirsten stopped Adele‘s 20-a day habit last year before the release of her hit single Hello He helps patients visualize themselves as healthier individuals and teaches them ‘relapse prevention’ techniques to ensure they stay off the cigarettes Kirsten charges £480 for three-hour smoking cessation session in London He has just launched the award-winning Quit Smoking […]

The best way to beat the weed

There are a bewildering number of methods that claim to help smokers quit. SIx a Addicted writers tried some of the most popular – with very different results

I beat smoking with Quitnosis

Did you fail to quit the ciggies? And again for the New Year? Perhaps No Smoking Day next Wednesday will be your time. The British Heart Foundation have launched their annual campaign and claim that the average smoker will save £7 a day if they manage to kick the habit.

Are you in denial?

Denial is a defensive coping mechanism for not facing up to the reality of nicotine drug addiction. There are over 40 chemicals found in cigarette smoke that are known carcinogens – that’s 40 good reasons to give up smoking now! Tobacco smoke is more dangerous to health than nicotine.