Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy London

Hypnosis to stop smoking in usually one session in Central London

Max Kirsten’s award-winning smoking cessation system can help you stop smoking with NLP and advanced hypnotherapy at his clinic in London in usually just one session.

‘I have helped thousands of people to stop smoking with hypnotherapy in London usually with reduced cravings, less irritability and without pain or suffering. You will even learn how to avoid any unwanted weight gain that’s usually associated with quitting.

I have helped actors, sports people, politicians and business leaders and people from all backgrounds to successfully quit smoking. They usually stop smoking in just one advanced hypnotherapy NLP session (3 hours), and so can you. You must of course have the desire, and essential will power to quit. I can then help you to succeed with my unique ‘Stop Smoking Now’ process.

Max Kirsten’s award-winning advanced hypnotherapy can help reduce the cravings, anxiety, irritability and unwanted weight-gain that usually make it so hard to stop smoking.

Break Free From Nicotine Addiction

If you are serious about quitting smoking, hypnotherapy can help. I use advanced hypnotherapy NLP techniques that makes stopping smoking simple and easy, so that after just one session, you’ll leave as a happy non-smoker – not feeling deprived, or feeling you’ve made a sacrifice, or any pain. Instead, you’ll have a huge sense of relief and real inner happiness that you have at last achieved what most smokers secretly long to achieve… to be finally free from nicotine drug addiction. You will have become a happy, permanent, non-smoker.

Stop Smoking Testimonials

"There seems to be no amount of stress or alcohol that can make me even consider having a cigarette. I don’t feel any need to smoke & I don’t miss it at all."
Jessica Dunlop
"In only 60 minutes I quickly and easily stopped smoking without cravings, anxiety or weight gain. This program helped me kick the habit… without any suffering"
"Hi Max. Don't know if you remember me, but just to let you know that last Sunday marked two years without a single cigarette. Thanks again!"
Geoff (ex-50 a day smoker)
"Still not smoking, but best of all no desire to. Not even in trigger situations. And no unwanted weight gain! Weh hey!! Thank you so much"

How Does Hypnotherapy Help Me Kick The Smoking Habit?

When smokers try to stop with other methods they may suffer misery, craving and depression caused by feelings that they are being deprived of their pleasure or a crutch. The beauty of hypnosis, and the way we use advanced hypnotherapy with NLP in particular, is that it completely removes any need, or even the desire to smoke. You won’t require useless aids, gimmicks, or substitutes. No nicotine gum or patches. No inhalers or nasal sprays. No needles, lasers or even pills. All you have to do with hypnosis is sit back in a nice comfortable chair, and relax. It really doesn’t get much easier than that!

The beauty of this unique approach is that we use the best of traditional hypnotherapy techniques, and combine them with the science of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and the latest Cognitive Behavioural Techniques (CBT) which takes smoking cessation treatment to an even greater level of effectiveness. I have developed my own multi-modal quit approach that I now call The Kirsten Method™ .

One of the reasons why it’s not painful or difficult to quit smoking with this method is that together we transfer the dubious pleasure derived from smoking to a much healthier habit of your choice (e.g. exercise, drinking more water, or relaxation). This is the reason why this way, there is NO unwanted weight gain or any other problems associated with “kicking the habit” – the only side-effects are an increase in health, wealth, and freedom. Because smoking is a habit, it is controlled by the unconscious mind.

Since hypnosis and NLP work directly with the unconscious mind, this is the only method that makes sense! I really can help you effortlessly make that transition into the healthy lifestyle of a happy non-smoker – it only takes one session to quit for good!

“No matter how much you smoke… or how long you’ve been smoking… you can stop smoking without anxiety, irritability, cravings or weight gain”

Currently one quarter of all adults in the UK smoke. Seventy percent want to stop but find it hard to quit.

Smoking: The Facts

Ok, you know that smoking is bad for your health, but did you know that every cigarette you smoke shortens your life by 14 minutes? The harsh facts are that smoking causes many millions of deaths worldwide every year, from cancers, chronic lung diseases and coronary conditions. It may seem tough, but giving up smoking makes perfect sense.

By stopping smoking, you will immediately begin to look and feel better, healthier. You’ll simply knock the years off. Twenty minutes after you stop, your blood pressure will drop and the temperature of your hands and feet will return to normal. In just 72 hours all the nicotine will have left your body completely. Then your lungs will begin to slowly repair themselves.

The bottom line of all this is that “Smoking Kills“. It says so on every single packet that you smoke. And the dangers increase the longer you smoke. Scientific research study continues to confirm what we know in our hearts to be true: Cigarette smoking kills and cripples in more ways than most smokers readily care to admit.

Lung X-Ray Of A Smoker

Who Do You Know Who Wants To Stop Smoking?

Do you know a friend, relative or colleague or a loved one who really wants or needs to stop smoking? Someone who has even tried to stop before? Or perhaps even someone you want to stop smoking with? Let them know about my ‘Stop Smoking Now’ Program and how it can help them by sending. This is entirely confidential to you and your friend will not know you did it.
Stop Smoking Organisations

Advanced Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy With Max Kirsten

  • A unique combination of Advanced Hypnosis, NLP, Combined with the latest cognitive behavioural techniques
  • Transform negative thoughts and your experience of the world around you into the mind of a new ‘non-smoker’
  • A powerful, and ‘super-effective’ way to stop smoking for good

* Results and techniques used may vary for each individual client. A very small number of people may experience a setback after the first session, (usually because cigarettes are satisfying more complex needs – or you feel you are giving up unwillingly due to external pressure). This is rare, but if it happens a further back-up session usually solves the issues.

Contact us and we can discuss any concerns you may have about stop smoking with hypnotherapy in London.

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