Hypnotherapy For Nicotine Addiction

As more and more people are quitting smoking tobacco, many are turning to vaping electronic cigarettes otherwise known as e-cigs or vapes, these are equally as addictive. I am already seeing more and more clients wanting to quit their new addiction to e-cigs, they are often experiencing increased high levels anxiety, and often additional sleep difficulties. Get Hypnotherapy for nicotine addiction in London

Most people think that e-cigarettes are harmless, however it’s still too early for tests to reveal the long-term effects from inhaling vaporised Nicotine. There are some concerns that e-cigs are effecting the cells in the linings of the lungs possibly causing cells to mutate. It’s very early days and the medical research for the effects of long-term use is scarce at present. Although vaping is considered 95% safer than smoking it isn’t. Get Hypnotherapy for nicotine addiction in London

‘Vaping’, as it is known, can often be harder to quit than actual cigarettes as there is less incentive to do so. Also most people who ‘vape’ lose track of how often they use the device each day. ‘Vaping’ can become a compulsive habit.

Hypnotherapy for e-cigs vaping Juul addiction in London. Hypnotherapy for JUUL addiction in London, Hypnotherapy for nicotine addiction in London.

Hypnotherapy To Quit Vaping
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Stop Smoking Testimonials

"There seems to be no amount of stress or alcohol that can make me even consider having a cigarette. I don’t feel any need to smoke & I don’t miss it at all."
Jessica Dunlop
"In only 60 minutes I quickly and easily stopped smoking without cravings, anxiety or weight gain. This program helped me kick the habit… without any suffering"
"Hi Max. Don't know if you remember me, but just to let you know that last Sunday marked two years without a single cigarette. Thanks again!"
Geoff (ex-50 a day smoker)
"Still not smoking, but best of all no desire to. Not even in trigger situations. And no unwanted weight gain! Weh hey!! Thank you so much"

E-cigarettes also contain chemicals, and even though they are free of tar, which is the main carcinogenic (cancer causing) substance found in the tobacco smoke from cigarettes, roll-ups, cigars and shisha, they still contain a number carcinogenic toxins such as acetaldehyde and formaldehyde.

Nicotine itself is a powerful addictive poison, which on its own can cause hardening of the arteries, heart attacks and even strokes. Many ‘vapers’ are using their e-cigs for indoor use, and then smoking real cigarettes as their outside smoking product.

Additionally these devices are not as safe mechanically as we would like to think. They are many news reports of some e-cigarette chargers exploding, or even starting fires.

I believe that Nicotine Replacement Therapy, such as e-cigs, nicotine gum, sprays and lozenges are a useful and comparatively safer solution to smoking tobacco, Now however, almost all the e-cig companies are now becoming owned by the Big Tobacco companies, who now consider these products as the ideal solutions to continue to keep there customers hooked on and buying nicotine in one form or another.

RJ Reynolds released science papers via the Tobacco court trials a few years back. Cigarettes were just a Nicotine delivery device, and that for years Big Tobacco has been trying to create a “Safer” nicotine delivery device since the stigma and dangers to “Smoking” became known to the general public. The Big Tobacco companies of course have known this, and kept the information hidden for years.

Find Freedom from the slavery of Nicotine Addiction.

Hypnotherapy for e-cigarette Juul e-cig nicotine addiction in London

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