Joudie Kalla Stopped Smoking With Max Kirsten
I went to see Max Kirsten to stop smoking and I haven't looked back. No cravings, no falling off the wagon. Thank you. X
Joudie Kalla - Chef
Joudie Kalla Stopped Smoking With Max Kirsten
I went to see Max Kirsten to stop smoking and I haven't looked back. No cravings, no falling off the wagon. Thank you. X
Joudie Kalla - Chef

Success Stories

I haven't hesitated to recommend you...

Hi Max, I am so pleased to be writing to tell you it has been exactly a month since I was a smoker!!!!! Thank you so much for the extra time you took to put me at my ease. I have genuinely found it easy to see myself as a non-smoker, from the moment I left your office. You gave me what I can only describe as an arsenal of skills and tools with which to protect myself from the evils of cigarettes. I haven’t hesitated to recommend you. Best wishes and thank you again.
Cat S. - Clinical Nurse Specialist

I haven't smoked since our session...

Hi Max, This is just a quick e-mail to let you know that it is now Sunday evening and I haven’t smoked (or more importantly wanted to!) since our session on Tuesday afternoon…. This would have been unheard of previously!

It hasn’t always been easy but unlike when I have tried to stop previously the issues have been more to do with physical withdrawal ( – palpitations, jittery and really tired) than feeling as though I am missing out on anything. I have taken your advice on drinking lots of fruit juice and avoiding coffee and have been doing the breathing exercises.

You are right, they have all really helped! Oh, and following my laser surgery my vision is apparently already better than 20:20! A very good week all in all!! Thank you very much indeed for your help!! Kind regards.


I have now been a non-smoker for 14 months...

Dear Max, a belated note to let you know that I have now been a non-smoker for over 14 months thanks to you! I celebrated one year without cigarettes on July 8th, but I always acknowledge each additional monthly anniversary.

Thank you so much, Max, for the invaluable help and outstanding hypnosis. I am quite delighted that the demon nicotine is no longer my master and the awful coughs, wheezes, smells and the fear of smoking related illnesses, are a thing of the past.

I am very appreciative indeed of your professional expertise – and recall not being exactly the easiest patient to deal with! I hope all is going well with you, I see that your team Chelsea is enjoying a spectacular success these days… Sending you my very warmest wishes and sincere thanks for your generous help and support. All the very best,


Was smoking 40 a day...

My husband, Mahmoud, attended a session with you a few weeks ago to help him to stop smoking. Since then, he has had no interest whatsoever in cigarettes, I feat I am hugely impressed with as he has tried to stop so many times and was smoking about 40 a day. Many thanks,

I am absolutely astonished...

Today is my 11th no smoking day. Strangely, it seems as if I’ve not smoked for quite a few months. I am absolutely astonished that I was so receptive to your session. I know I’d told you that I wanted to give up, and that I knew I was in the recommended state of mind for hypnotherapy, but the ease with which it has all come about is staggering. Compared to the last method I used (patches) this has been instant, without all the nicotine ‘feeds’ and dependency, let alone finding a new area of skin to place the patch every morning. As I walked down the stairs of MacMillan House from your office on Friday 25, I came across 2 men. One was asking the other if he wanted to step outside “for some fresh air”. His colleague said “You mean, to pollute the air! Not now thanks.” It was as if these 2 were deliberately placed there as a conclusion to your session! I bounced out of the building, smiling to myself, and knowing that I won’t need to partake in this bizarre activity any more.

It’s true that I have wanted to eat more, but have so far been careful to stick to your suggestions by eating loads of fruit and drinking lots of fresh fruit juice. A stick of celery to occupy my hands has proved useful. One of the most effective proposals offered by you has been the breathing technique which, especially in the first few days, helped alleviate the chesty cravings I was having and seemed to replace the satisfaction I used to get from the first couple of drags on a cigarette. I am still doing this breathing and it works! I could go on and on about the relief and happiness I am experiencing since our meeting, but won’t. Both my sons are thrilled that I’ve stopped so abruptly, and Hugh’s few in front of Sue don’t bother me at all! I’m sure it is obvious from my words Max, that I am quite overwhelmed that your hypnotherapy had such an impact on me. I was very ready for this, and thank you very much for letting me revert to a much happier state of inner wellbeing.
With best wishes,


A year since my last cigarette...

It’s now one year since my last cigarette. I left my session with max And have never looked back. Physically I feel a lot better, no more Wheezing climbing up the stairs etc. I am now living life to the full (Without having to dash off for a fag!) Max and I have truly changed my life for the better and I am forever Grateful. I am a non-smoker and that’s the way it’s going to stay. Friends of mine check on my progress from time to time and are really surprised that it worked, I’m not though, I knew I would! I’m so Pleased with my success that I’ve just given my best friend Max’s Number and she’s going to quit too. Thanks Max.
Ms. A Wallace

I never even think about smoking...

Well it’s been six months since my last cigarette and most of the time I never even think about smoking (except to move away from that smelly cigarette smoke). Love the feeling of liberation: asking for non-smoking seats in a restaurant; taking a flight without becoming antsy; not having to stand freezing outside several times on a cold day Especially at the beginning, I would find myself breathing slowly and deeply when under stress and realise this was one of the links from your hypnosis session: its a very powerful tool and works wonders!” Many thanks Max!
Lisa T.

Many many thanks Max for all you have done...

It’s been five and a half months, and I still haven’t touched one of those disgusting little burning sticks I used to so frequently put into my mouth! Even more amazingly.

I really haven’t wanted to! People keep telling me how great I look, and to be honest, I do feel so much better both physically and mentally. As you know, I am embarking on a new stage in my life, moving to a new location and Changing my career. It is wonderful to be able to do this with the confidence of not having to worry about when and how will I get my next fix.

My friends and family are totally amazed. I was one of the heaviest smokers they (and I) knew. No one (myself included) thought that I would actually be able to stop smoking. I am utterly convinced I could not have done it without your help. I will continue to sing your praises and recommend you to others. Many many thanks Max for all that you have done.

Emma Stokes

The physical longing for cigarettes disappeared...

It’s nearly eight weeks now since I smoked my last ever cigarette and, unless I had been motivated to meet up with Max Kirsten for about an hour after work, I’d still be enslaved by them. The physical longing for cigarettes disappeared and, mentally, I feel strong and positive that I am now a non-smoker for life! (Sounds smug, but looking at people smoking cigarettes these days arouses – surprisingly – not longing, but real pity). Allow Max the space and time to let you make friends with your own inner-conscious mind, and you’ll never regret it.
Martin Cunning - At It Productions

It is the greatest relief...

There seems to be no amount of stress or alcohol that can make me even consider having a cigarette. I don’t feel any need to smoke and I don’t miss it at all. It is the greatest relief! Thank you Max.
Jessica Dunlop

I'd been trying to kick the habit for over 5 years...

I had been trying to kick the habit for over five years. Gum, patches, Alan Carr and my own will power all ended in failure. Although I really wanted to give up, my session with Max Kirsten seemed likely to end the same way. It’s been two months now and I feel I have everything I need to keep off the poisonous weed. Thank you.
Nick Pearce - Easy PC

This program helped me kick the habit...

In Only 60 Minutes I Quickly and Easily Stopped Smoking Without Cravings, Anxiety or Weight Gain. This Program Helped Me Kick The Habit…Without Suffering!
Sandra - ex-20 a day smoker

Ex-50 a day smoker...

Hi Max Yesterday was amazingly my 100th day of total non smoking ! It really is quite amazing to be a non smoker and know that this is for ever. I started smoking at around 16 years old and gradually increased, over the years, to a staggering 40 to 50 per day. I had desperately wanted to stop smoking for many years, but the withdrawal pain was just too strong. I had tried patches, gum, herbal remedies etc. many times over, but without lasting success. Although these did give some relief to the withdrawal symptoms, they were just not powerful enough to see me through the stress peaks of my life. After my session with you, I just knew I could stop and, as the weeks passed, I began to realise that I really am a non-smoker. Past, attempts to give up smoking, were dominated by a continual debate in my head, as to whether or not to smoke just one more cigarette, to see me through just this one more situation. However, this time there was no debate. I did not get up every day wondering if I would be able to last another day without a cigarette and whether this time I would manage to stop permanently. After a few days, I just knew that I was a non-smoker and that I would never smoke again. It was this knowing that I had stopped which really made the difference, and has enabled me to stop at last! Smoking no longer interests me, or dominates me, and the whole habit now seems distant and rather odd. Thanks.
Geoff - ex-50 a day smoker