27th February, 2016

‘Hello’ Singer Adele Stops Smoking and Says Goodbye To 20-a-Day Cigarette Habit

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  • Adele visited Max Kirsten at his London clinic in August 2015
  • She hasn’t smoked since the 3-hour, £480 session
  • She had previously tried numerous times to stop after warning from doctor
  • Max Kirsten ‘helped her to see herself as a fit and healthy singer’

Singer Adele kicked her 20-a day cigarette habit with a secret visit to a London hypnotherapist famous for helping celebrities quit, the can reveal. The British singer spent 3 hours with renowned addiction specialist Max Kirsten in August 2015 after five-years of failed attempts to stop.

She announced that she had finally knocked the habit on the head in a Rolling Stone interview before Christmas but didn’t explain how. ‘I absolutely loved it, but it’s not that f****** cool when I’m dying from a smoking-related illness and my kid is, like, devastated’, she said.

Adele paid a visit to see one of the most eminent hypnotherapists, Max Kirsten, at his London clinic in August 2015 after doctors warned her that her 20-a day habit could spell the end of her singing career

After losing her voice completely in 2011, canceling shows and undergoing surgery, she was told by doctors to quit her habit or face the end of her career. She had a failed session with Harley Street hypnotist Susan Hepburn in 2014 in an attempt to give up for good but she relapsed. Her trip to Max Kirsten’s Knightsbridge clinic came just months before the release of her smash hit single Hello.

Kirsten, author of self-help book Find Yourself to Help Yourself boasts an impressive roll-call of celebrities he has helped to quit, including Ewan Mcgregor (25-a day), Oscar nominee Tom Hardy and even, it is rumoured, Prime Minister David Cameron. At the time Mcgregor said: ‘I didn’t think I would ever be able to give up and he (Max) made it effortless – very easy’

Adele’s treatment, as with all Kirsten’s patients, was tailor-made and involved a pre-hypnotherapy discussion to better understand the nature of her habit. 

Max, a former 30-a day smoker said: ‘I’ve smoked in the cold and rain, I’ve smoked through flu and I’ve had those blind panics you get when you run out of cigarettes late at night. I know what it feels like to try and stop smoking using willpower or patches and why those methods fail in 85% of cases. Max has completed many thousands of hours of clinical work, specializing in smoking cessation, chronic addictions, anxiety and anxiety related insomnia, weight loss, public speaking and peak performance anxiety.

This article appeared in the Daily Mail Online.