25th October, 2018

Liam Payne Finally Quits Smoking

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Liam Payne finally quits smoking for the sake of his son after employing services of hypnotist Max Kirsten who also helped Adele give up

The new dad turned to expert Max Kirsten, who also has helped Ewan McGregor the habit From Simon Boyle’s Bizarre column 15th October 2018, 10:51 pm

HE’s spent years trying to overhaul his image – going from the floppy-haired One Direction lad to the cigarette- puffing, self-titled “Big Payno”.

But Liam Payne is going back to his clean-cut ways.

Liam Payne Quits Smoking With Max Kirsten

Liam Payne has been hypnotised into giving up smoking

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I can reveal the singer has finally packed in smoking using hypnotherapy.

The new dad turned to expert Max Kirsten, who has helped stars including Ewan McGregor and Adele kick the habit.

A source said: “Ever since becoming a new dad Liam has been determined to stop smoking.

“He’s tried countless times to kick the habit himself and failed so decided to get professional help this summer.

Liam Payne Quits Smoking With Max Kirsten

Liam has been determined to quit smoking since Bear was born last year“He’s gained a lot from Max – who has helped Liam to tap into his subconscious mind to change his views on smoking.

“Liam’s loving his new life smoke free – it really seems as though he’s managed to give it up for good this time.”

Max, who used to puff 40 a day, uses a combination of hypnotherapy, cognitive behavioural and psychological methods, dubbed the Kirsten Technique.

It’s supposed to help smokers quit without the usual, unwanted weight gain and unpleasant physical withdrawals.

Liam Payne Quits Smoking With Max Kirsten

Liam previously vowed to quit smoking after Cheryl gave birth to their son Bear last year.
He said at the time: “I stopped smoking, that’s the best thing ever. Anyone out there who’s trying to stop smoking, just do it.

“I just did cold turkey, I knew my son was coming and I was like, ‘I’m not gonna be smoking with my son, that’s not right’.”

but a few months later, Liam admitted he had fallen off the wagon, admitting: “I will find the right time to quit. Everyone has their vices.”

Liam’s move back to his clean-cut image has finally happened for all the right reasons!

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